Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Special Episode

This episode exists as an insert to tell some funny stories that happened this week which I forgot to mention earlier.

1.  While hiking with Perry I saw some hikers worshipping a pig's head.  It looked as strange as it sounds.  Since I had read about this phenomenon from other foreigners who had been hiking in Korea I asked Perry what it was all about.  Perry originally told me that they were praying for a safe hiking season with no injuries.  This seemed reasonable, but I had to ask about the significance of the pig's head.  Apparently the pig represents money in Korea, and praying to the pig's head also had the added benefit of bestowing great wealth upon the worshippers.

2.  After hiking I was searching through Itaewon for the jjinppang as I mentioned a few episodes ago.  What I forgot to mention was that at one of the street vendors I checked out, there was a great deal of chicken (dak) being sold.  The woman operating the restaurant asked me if I wanted some chicken.  I said no, and she must have taken this for meaning something else.  She gave me a "special price" of $60.  For some chicken? I thought.  My confused look prompted her to lower her price to $40.  I still thought this was too high so I asked her "for what?"  "For sex," was her reply.  Later, I recounted the experience to my friend Nelson who said he and Noel had the same experience when they asked her where they could find a masseuse to relieve Noel's sore back.  It's no wonder I always get the same look of pity from Koreans when I tell them I live in Itaewon.

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