Thursday, September 3, 2009

Episode 6: The Return of Sticker Girl and Balance Boy

It has been a busy busy week, and my first full week of teaching (although it's not yet done). So far the general trend for the week has been to get up at 7:00 AM, leave at 8:00 for a 1 hour commute, go climbing for two to three hours after work, and then commute an hour back home again. I usually do not get home until 9:30 or 10:00 PM every night. After trying to stuff a small supper into my starving belly I am barely able to summon the energy to take off my clothes before crashing into bed John Kimble style. (You mean you watch other movies besides Kindergarten Cop? STAHP IT!)

However, today (Thursday) was a good day, and since I have to do my laundry before leaving on a three day rock climbing adventure tomorrow night I figured I would take the forced opportunity to update everyone on my adventures. In keeping with my goal of not boring everyone with the details of my teaching though, I'll only highlight some of the exciting moments, since teaching is after all a big part of what I do here, not to mention why I'm back again in the first place.

My first day back to my old kindergarten was a great day, and I was surprised that many of the students' faces lit up with joy when they saw me; I had expected them to forget me. By my third day there (today) though, it was as if I had never left.

The school year starts in March here, so all of the students were still the same, which meant all of the old favourites were back too. There was Fight Girl, Sticker Girl (who gave me a Sticker on my first day back), Balance Boy (Lew) and Louis. They were all the same, except Fight Girl doesn't fight as much, and Louis isn't quite as wild from what I can see, but Sticker Girl still plays practical jokes on me. Some of you might also remember the girl that used to follow me around silently and stare at me from the top of the stairs. Well now you wouldn't recognize her; she smiles all the time and talks non-stop.

Other than that, nothing much to report besides going to work and going climbing. I have been studying my Korean every day and I now know enough Korean grammar to formulate my own basic sentences (a real milestone). I'll be gone all of this weekend on a climbing trip, so there won't be any updates in the near future. However, check back some time next week to hear about what will hopefully have been a successful journey.

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