Sunday, February 14, 2010

Episode 53: Busan Day 6

On Monday, January 11th, Ji-hyun took me to get a $6 hair cut, and also to see Haeundae beach for the last time. As this was my last day in Busan, Jeong-pil and Yeon-gyeong came over for dinner and to say good-bye.

Yet another great part of living in Korea is the cost of cutting hair. I found a barber's shop in my home town upon returning to Canada that gave hair cuts for men for $15, and I have Korean friends in Canada who refuse to have their hair cut because of the exorbitant price of doing so. What we need in Canada now is a National Haircutting Plan.

(You can never have too many pictures of Haeundae Beach.)

(You can also never have too many videos of Haeundae Beach.)

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