Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode 54: In Which DFM Throws Some Children In A Sack And Gets A Headache

It's my last week of teaching, but today I still have to get through the always tough Monday Physical Education classes.  Fortunately, today was a fun day.  It was a simple task for the children so they were all able to do it, which made them happy and me too (I did not have to help them  constantly).

On you marks, get set, go!  Jump in the bag, hop around the Woojin and back to the start.  Smiles for everyone, and the field goal is good!

Woojin told me that he promised the children last class that he would make them balloon animals.  I tried to make one too, but all I got was a headache.  Woojin blew up 53 of these; I was in awe.  They were a big hit with the kids, naturally.

In Special Art Class I've really come into my own as a teacher, and now have a small unit going dealing with the forest.  I gave a short lesson on the different animals in the forest, and then the children worked on drawing pictures of whatever animals they wanted in their forest.  Sticker Girl looks so pensive here because she just couldn't get her giraffe to look right.  She's a perfectionist like me.

After school I went to the train station to buy tickets for my tour with April.  I'm sure glad she was there, because it was quite a complicated process (I had to take four different trains).

After buying the tickets April took me out to the Cilantro restaurant at The Hilton again.  Apparently she eats here every day.  Once again the service was excellent, and this time we were joined by two of her former students who are now married and working for two of the big Korean corporations (to a Korean, that's the equivalent of "making it").  I'd tell you how amazing it was, but I was eating Korean food with Korean friends, so I think that speaks for itself.

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