Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 39: Sin Seung-hyeun, "The Fruit Guy"

I've made references in the past to getting discounts from a local fruit stand operator because of my Korean speaking "ability." Since that time we've become friends, and he even gave me a small bucket of kimchi his wife had made (and which I'm eating as I write this now). His name is Sin (pronounced "sheen") Seung-hyeun, and in honour of his kindness I have decided to dedicate an entire post to him.

Now, everyone who has read more than three of my posts over the last 9 months knows that I have made a lot of Korean friends. I am pleased with and grateful for each and everyone of the Koreans who have befriended me on my two journeys, but my real goal for coming to Korea in the first place was to live in a neighbourhood and get to know the local people there; in short, to become part of the community.

Finally I can say that this has come true. I recently watched TV with the cashier at the local food mart I frequent, my hair dresser doesn't even need to ask me what hair style I want any more because I have been in three times, and now the fruit guy's wife's kimchi.

Mission Accomplished!

(Mr. Sin lives in this home and travels all of three metres out his door to his fruit stand every day. It's a nice job, but probably a bit boring, as all he seems to do all day is sit around waiting.)

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