Friday, December 25, 2009

Episode 45: In Which DFM Gets 8 Beds, And Then Protests Christmas

After a full and busy week, I decided to take a day off on Christmas. I barely ate anything other than a few tangerines, because I didn't want to help support a culture of working on Christmas by eating at a restaurant or buying anything or taking any form of public transportation. In fact to protest Christmas (er... I mean the "war on Christmas"), I didn't leave the house at all.

I did figure it was time to take some pictures of my new hostel though. The hostel at which I am now staying is run by a Mr. Lee, and he is helped out by his mother, younger brother, and to a lesser extent father. It's incredibly clean, and everything is brand new, so it all works. The location is almost right dead in the centre of Seoul, so it's very convenient too. Looks like I got lucky on this one.

Unbeknownst to me, when I moved to my new place it was the first day the hostel had been open. I was the hostels second customer ever, and so not surprisingly I was the only person in my room.

(I was told that I could use all eight of the eight beds in my room, but I was "nice" enough to just use two.)

(The clean and inviting common room, where free breakfast is served every day and where there's free cable, internet, DVD player access, plus a suitcase full of DVDs.)

(The patio just after I arrived. Yes, it's raining.)

(The patio later that night, after a "heavy" snow that forced many Koreans to put chains on their tires... unfortunately that wasn't a joke.)

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